25 June 2009

Searching for Fathers

There is a difference, believe it or not, between a true father and one who merely fathers a child. I know it may seem like common knowledge to some but the reality is that there are many men walking around today calling themselves fathers when in reality they are merely sperm donors. It takes a lot to fulfill the duties and the mandates of fatherhood. It is more than just a notion that the father is truly the head of the household. In other words, it is the father who is commissioned by God to move, make decisions, and lead by divinely ordered directives. There arises a serious chasm, however, a rift, disjointedness, a regressive rebuttal when those who do what is necessary to become a father do not take on the responsibility required to secure one’s place as a true father. There are far too many “dead beat dads” in this country today and particularly in the black community. It makes no sense for so many black babies to be born without a male father figure in their lives. Please believe, I’m not pretending for one moment that there are not those who simply are not ready for fatherhood; however, I want to serve notice today that it’s time for the real fathers to please stand up. There are those who are not fathers yet have the spirit of a father and could easily mentor these young boys especially who grow up without a father at home. It is truly time out for playing games with this thing. We as men need to reassert ourselves and repent for shirking our God-given responsibilities so that we might be able to continue to lead our communities the way God intended for us to lead. How do we do this? Well, it starts with a true connection with God. I by no means wish to lump all fathers into one not so admirable category, but I am calling for all men and women to be aware of what has been plaguing our communities for years and to recognize that there is already a solution, but it involves some work.We must strive tirelessly to reclaim our communities, and I believe there is no better launching pad then with the men, particularly the fathers.